Starting at only $1.99

Starting at only $1.99

All USA, Canada and UK umbers are only $1.99/Month with Unlimited Incoming Minutes

* Excluding NYC 212 and Toronto 416

Free Hosted PBX

Free Hosted PBX

No Hidden Fees & Charges
Easy to Use Web Interface
Register and Build your PBX

Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Get TOLL FREE Numbers in USA/Canada/UK @ $0.99/Month
Per Minute Rate Starting @ 2.5¢ FREE Fully Hosted PBX

Purchase in 3 easy steps

in 3 easy steps

Step One

Select virtual number location

Step Two

Select forwarding destination

(See rates)1
Step Three

Destination details

step 1

Freedom to
Use any device

  • Get your family, Friends or Clients abroad a local number for them to Call you on.
  • Get a Local Number and forward that number to your International Contact.
  • Buy a Local Phone Number for your Home or Work.
  • No commitments, No Contracts, Save money with unlimited calling.
  • Use your DivertMyCalls number with our Free Fully Hosted PBX - Phone.Systems.

Who we are?

Connect With VOIP Provides Customers Stronger and most Efficient International Communication with Direct Interconnects in over 100 Countries

World's premier VoIP solutions provider, Ours is a Internet Telephony Service Provider offering VOICE/Video and other Value added Services

Connect With VOIP supplies numbers to Telco’s (telecom companies), Resellers, Corporate multinationals worldwide and End users. Our portfolio includes Voice Termination and Voice Origination (Domestic Premium Rate Numbers, GEO numbers – DIDs, Freephone – Toll-Free – IFTS, Uiversal Freephone – UIFN.)

Our vision is to eliminate boundaries by combining the benefits of global IP communication with local telephone infrastructure.

virtual number configuration options

each of virtual number can be configured with thee option
SIP IP phone

SIP IP phone

Any SIP IP phone can be connected directly to MyVNumber.
To existing phone number

To existing phone number

Virtual Number can be connected to your exiting landline or mobile phone number.
PBX telephony server/system

PBX telephony server/system

Virtual number can be connected to your PBX server/system (SIP, IAX2, H323).
SIP SoftPhone

SIP SoftPhone

Any PC running SIP SoftPhone can be connected directly to MyVNumber.
SIP SmartPhone mobile App

SIP SmartPhone mobile App

Virtual number can be connected to SIP SmartPhone mobile App.
Existing VOIP provider

Existing VOIP provider (ITSP)

Virtual Number can be connected to your existing VOIP provider.


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